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High Seas

Your Information.

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I wanted to share these facts with people who come on to use this website as I do not think that many people are aware of what information is available to webmasters (a person who owns and runs a website).
This is not aimed at trolls but everyone online.
When you visit any website, whether it be this one, another forum, blog or random website a lot of information about a visitor is available to the webmaster.
Here is a list of some of these details, it may surprise some of you:
  • Your I.P. address.
    Your location, not just country but county too and in some cases towns.
    Your internet provider.
    What device you are using, whether it be a mobile, smart phone, tablet, desktop.
    What operating system you are using.
    What website you came from.
    What you typed in a search engine to find the website as in keywords.
    How long you stayed.
    What page you exited from.
    And even what browser you are using, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
I decided to list this information because this is advertised as an open website and unless someone has used Google Analytics or any other website statistics before then they would most likely be unaware of this.
This is by no means unusual and all websites do this. Youtube has an extensive 'analytics' system too and you can even determine someone's sex.

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