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Uploading Avatar To Your Profile.

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Uploading Avatar To Your Profile.

Post by Miles »

If you wish to upload an avatar to your profile?
You can do this online or if you wish to use your own photograph then you can do this very easily by using a program such as, 'Paint', which is available on Windows operating systems.
Make sure the image is resized to 90 x 90 pixels and that you save it in .gif format so it is not over 6KB in size.
Any questions?
Post here or start a new topic if required.

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High Seas

Re: Uploading Avatar To Your Profile.

Post by High Seas »

If it is too big when you save it as .jpeg, try saving it as .gif. I think 6kb was the max file size. It is not that tricky and you can use PAINT to sort it out. Always nice to have an avatar up.

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