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Using A Boat In Frozen Water

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Using A Boat In Frozen Water

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The reality of the situation is using a boat in frozen water is going to wreck the hull in more ways than one.
Obvious you may think? however, if you are out and about and awake one morning to find the rivers have frozen, what can you expect to happen?

Firstly, any ice thicker than 6 MMS is likely to cause you great concern with moving anywhere.
I found from my own experience that once the ice is thicker than 6 MMS, you are better off sitting it out if that is possible.

Secondly, the ice will take your antifoul off particularly around the water line and bow section.

Thirdly, you can expect direct erosion damage to the bow stem section if G.R.P.

Can't tell you about wooden boats but I can only imagine it is likely to be much worse.

The boat in the gif image above was a Ferrocrete hull (cement), one of those of Windboats made in Wroxham.

Short Term Discomfort, Long Term Gain...
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