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Trouble Starting Diesel Engine In Winter Cold.

Posted: December 8th, 2019, 8:48 am
by Miles
Are you having problems starting your diesel engine in the cold weather?

Firstly, check you have glow plugs, not all diesel engines do.

If you do have glow plugs then that is a good place to start fault finding.

Now, there are several tests to make sure glow plugs are all okay but what is mostly overlooked is the build-up of carbon on the glow plugs. When its really cold there loss in effectiveness is noticed more.

I have uploaded a great guide all about glow plugs and you can find this on the NORFOLK BROADS FORUM DOWNLOADS PAGE.

The best advice to clean the glow plugs chamber is to follow allow penetrating fluid to work its way around the glow plugs for at least a week before you remove them.
Secondly, always use a torque wrench and never exceed the tightening torque as that is what snaps the glow plugs off/
When you have them removed, spray the chamber with brake or carburetor cleaner.
Now insert a glow plug reamer with grease one and this will clean the chamber freeing of carbon and allow the glow plugs to give off the heat they are supposed to.

Below is a guide to useful products to get the job done and save you money fixing the diesel starting problem yourself.

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