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Broads Rangers could get new powers to tackle 'hostile behaviour'

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Broads Rangers could get new powers to tackle 'hostile behaviour'

Post by Miles »

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The new powers being proposed would allow rangers to issue fixed penalty notices if byelaws were broken.
I hope this includes when a p@@@@d tourist on a hire boat smashes into my boat and then does a runner?

But then haven't these byelaws existed for years already?

Perhaps this means the Broads Authority are actually going to enforce byelaws they should have been doing since day one.

Let's see...... boating whilst intoxicated... totally ignored.

Hit and runs all day long.... Totally ignored.

Fishermen refusing to give way to boats wishing to moor... totally ignored.

Rangers issuing contravention notices illegally... totally ignored.

Sounds like a load of b.s. propaganda to calm an already abused boat community.

Read full article here...
https://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/ ... rs-8627884

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Re: Broads Rangers could get new powers to tackle 'hostile behaviour'

Post by CATFISH »

This was included in the recent "landscapes revue"

https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... t-response

I expect more quangos of well paid civil servants sitting around dreaming up new ways to bring even more tourism into the broads area, at the expense of all that they invite people to visit and view.

so expect more of all you described above Miles,, I expect more powers really means a bit more pointless paddle waving.
but at least there will be no shortage of material for youtube videos of nautical chaos on the broads national theme park.

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