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Seven Great Yarmouth Facts

There's always a lot of events happening on the Norfolk Broads & here you can post any topics on the forum relating to Norfolk Broads news.
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Seven Great Yarmouth Facts

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Great Yarmouth to those unfamiliar with the Norfolk Broads is part of the inland waterways network.
Personally, I prefer it to Norwich, however, I am most likely in a minority there.
Even though the waters that run through are treacherous, I think much more maritime history is preserved and it still operates as a port, which Norwich did until only a few years ago.
Most Norfolk Broads Forums don't tend to mention Great Yarmouth in a positive way, however, let us share with you seven little known facts about this seaside location.
Jason Statham-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
Jason Statham.

Hollywood actor Jason Statham was born in July 1967 in Shirebrook and later relocated to Great Yarmouth along with his family.
Bananas-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
1946 Bananas.

The first bananas since the Second World War arrived in Great Yarmouth and it was the first arrival of bananas since 1939.
2,200 bunches were for folks under eighteen years of age and priority was given to school kids as many of whom had never before seen a banana.
Hippodrome-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
The Hippodrome.

Great Yarmouth’s well known Hippodrome is actually Britain's one and only circus building still in existence.
Originally constructed in 1903 by a circus showman named, George Gilbert.
Believed to be one of only three on the planet with a circus floor that sinks into a pool.
Roller Coaster-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
Railway Roller Coaster.

The scenic railway roller coaster at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is Grade II Listed Scenic and was opened in 1932.
It is the third-oldest roller coaster in Great Britain.
One of only six pre-Second World War roller coasters that still remain in this country.
The roller coaster retains a lot of the same configuration as did the original 1930s structure.
By June 2016 an estimated 85% of the original structural timbers had been replaced since its original construction.
Zepppelin-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
Zepppelin-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg (6.85 KiB) Viewed 215 times
World War 1 German Norfolk Zeppelin Raids.

In World War One, Great Yarmouth was the first of all British towns to be bombed by an aerial bombardment.
January 19, 1915, two German Zeppelin airships took off from Fuhlsbüttel in Hamburg, Germany and they had initially been heading for the Humber but for some reason were rerouted and dropped their cargo of bombs over the county of Norfolk.
These were believed to be the first English casualties resulting from an air raid.
Great Yarmouth Disaster-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
Great Yarmouth Suspension Bridge Disaster.
Memorial-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
The memorial is located near the bridge pictured below just further down from the Broads Authority yacht station.
Great Yarmouth Memorial-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
Great Yarmouth suspension bridge crossed the River Bure from 1829 until its collapse in 1845.
May 2, 1845, this bridge collapsed under the load from a public crowd who congregated to watch a circus stunt on the waters.
Seventy-nine people who were mainly made up of children were killed.
investigation to the disaster concluded a design fault with the bridge.
Wellesley-Norfolk Broads Forum.jpg
Oldest Football Stand On Planet Earth.

The Wellesley Recreation Ground was opened in 1888.
Aimed to provide formal facilities for sports in Great Yarmouth.
By 1890, local architect, JW Cockrill, had constricted a tennis pavilion, ticket office and grandstand on the location.
All three buildings are listed with Grade II status.
The grandstand is generally considered to be the oldest football stand in Great Britain, and quite possibly the world.
It is still used today.

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