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Inquest To Norfolk Broads Fatality

There's always a lot of events happening on the Norfolk Broads & here you can post any topics on the forum relating to Norfolk Broads news.
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Inquest To Norfolk Broads Fatality

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I have been reading this article in the Independent regarding the death of a man in 2020 whilst boating on the Norfolk Broads.
It is quite graphic and hard to read if I have to be honest.
Sadly it was not an isolated incident and the aftermath that the family and friends have had to deal with is beyond comprehension.
It is indeed tragic and very sad.
However, these deaths were avoidable and measures can be implemented to stop it happening ever again.
The reality of the situation is that anybody can fall off a boat and that means anybody can get hit by a propeller.
Boating is dangerous.
It is not uncommon to see people swimming in the Norfolk Broads.
If you were unlucky enough to fall in the water and have a boat coming at you, the outcome is likely to be very bad.
Many people put a boat straight into reverse when someone falls in and this very often ends badly.
In this article in the Independent, the head of the Broads Authority states,
He added his organisation would try to ensure hire companies pass on critical safety information when customers pick up their boats.
His intentions may be sincere but personally, I feel this falls short by a large margin.
Whether it is possible to install propeller guards on all hire boats, I am not sure as I am not a marine engineer, however, I see no other effective prevention.

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