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Geldeston Lock Pub

There's always a lot of events happening on the Norfolk Broads & here you can post any topics on the forum relating to Norfolk Broads news.
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Geldeston Lock Pub

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The Geldeston Locks pub. PHOTO: Nick Butcher
The Geldeston Locks pub. PHOTO: Nick Butcher
A community group bidding to buy a much-loved pub at auction are confident they can bring it back to its best.
Although the community's intentions to save this pub are indeed laudable, I personally sense it's true potential is not yet realised or indeed recognised.

2020 is a year that will tear down many businesses and livelihoods.

The catering industry, particularly pubs and bars is an industry on the verges of becoming obsolete.

Those establishments not serving food or located central to a thriving community are wasting time and money opening their doors to the public.

This particular pub is located at the current end of the navigation and can only be accessed by a track not fit for busy public usage.

This establishment holds similarities to the Berney Arms pub but without the extreme isolation.

Personally, as an investment, I would suggest it's potential would now exist as holiday lets with an additional income from visiting boats at the moorings.

Times change as we all know and even though the Norfolk Broads appears to remain the same, it's surrounding commercial infrastructure is changing by the week in the current economic climate.

I hope someone can make a new success of this somewhat exclusive property and realise it's true and potential.

Who knows what the Norfolk Broads will be like in ten years from now. One thing that can be almost guaranteed is that regulations regarding boating and booze will not be so relaxed as it has been previously.

https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/geldeston- ... -1-6889276

Short Term Discomfort, Long Term Gain...
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