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Ferry Inn At Stokesby Gets Rammed

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Ferry Inn At Stokesby Gets Rammed

Post by Miles »

Love to stop at Stokesby and I have found the pub to do rather large food portions which is always appreciated.

I was disappointed that the mooring fee was not waived though even after spending £65 in the pub...seemed a little unusual to me personally as a lot of establishments do not charge a mooring fee if you spend money in the pub.

However, it is definitely the nicest stop before hitting Great Yarmouth and this pub got hit by a car no less.

https://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/ ... -1-6794746

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Re: Ferry Inn At Stokesby Gets Rammed

Post by avg45 »

Totally agree with you miles. We should get Mooring charges back when eating at the establishment, However I believe the riverside moorings just downriver from the Ferry Inn are owned by the farm next door, who collect the Mooring fees. I have not moored there for a few years so it may have changed. Still a nice spot though. Take care, might see you at Stalham Staithe now its been cleared. :) :)

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