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Access To The Norfolk Broads During Global Scare

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Access To The Norfolk Broads During Global Scare

Post by Miles » March 24th, 2020, 4:47 am

Interesting update on Broads Authority website..

There are currently no formal restrictions or travel bans in place for visiting the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. Access to the waterways is still open if required.
Firstly, despite what may or may not be happening in the world right now, there are some fundamental truths to be upheld.

Let us not forget that the Norfolk Broads is not primarily a national park, holiday park, holiday home, caravan park, it is a tidal waterway.

Essentially it is a public highway.
Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays
To many people the waterways are their primary residence.

Just how many people live on the Norfolk Broads? Is anyone's guess but it has got to in the hundreds.

It is interesting that so many folks are identifying the Norfolk Broads as an enormous holiday home or caravan park.

It is what actually happens on the Norfolk Broads that should be revised under the current circumstances and not the actual location itself.

No matter what happens on this planet, the Norfolk Broads will always be what it fundamentally is and that is quite simply tidal waters.

There is no power or authority that has any jurisdiction to post or enforce comments like...

Access to the waterways is still open if required.
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