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Companies Closing Doors

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Companies Closing Doors

Post by Miles » March 23rd, 2020, 3:11 am

According to Facebook groups there are multiple companies closing doors to business on the Norfolk Broads due to virus.

However, I have also noticed some people writing to their marinas asking them to close their marinas to stop people visiting.

How ignorant are these people?

Are they not aware that most boat yards and marinas across the Norfolk Broads have people living on boats from youngsters to pensioners?

For many folks, being on their boat will be a safe place to self isolate.

The amount of people who actually live on boats in or out of marinas on the Norfolk Broads is a hard number to quote. However, to make an educated guess it must be in the hundreds and quite possibly more as many are low key.

It is one thing to shut down businesses but stopping people from accessing their boats is ridiculous.
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