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Is The Norfolk Broads Out Of Control?

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Is The Norfolk Broads Out Of Control?

Post by Miles » May 16th, 2019, 3:45 am

Interesting article online declaring that

Fires, injuries and people overboard as accidents on the Broads reach 10 year high
Now the annoying part of the article is that it avoids the most important issue in my opinion and that is are these statistics relating predominantly to holiday makers or regular visitors with private boats.

Most folks I have spoken to who own boats have at some point fallen in the water. That is young and old alike. You foot catches a cleat and the next thing you know you are on your way down. I have done it more times than I can remember. :roll:

However, being a regular on the waterways I am very aware just how wild it can get out there, especially when those who are here to regulate or supervise the rivers are nowhere to be seen and the sun has gone down

Easter weekend for example 2019 was carnage at Sutton Staithe with multiple boats being hit and damaged by a boat under the control of a drunk. Private boaters and boatyard personnel all tried to reason with the crew and were just met with abuse.

Health & Safety Officer of the Broads Authority suggests

However, he added that he felt the figures were most likely a result of more reports being made - as opposed to more incidents occurring.

He added: "With greater means of communication nowadays, through things like social media, far fewer incidents will go unreported.
Well, I have my doubts to this statement because social media is nothing new nowadays and emails are certainly not in the flush of youth with regards to technology. Furthermore, mobile phones have been in everyone's pockets now for decades.

Personally, I would attribute the source of the increase to more obvious causes and acknowledge these statistics as an indicator of the need to acknowledge the real problems.

One major factor which has got to be a huge contributing element is B.U.I....the phenomena of booze on boats as in boating under the influence.

Furthermore, allowing so many inexperienced people out on large vessels with inadequate tuition is an inevitable factor here.

Attributing these statistics to social media is irresponsible and a state of denial in my opinion.

Most folks I speak to these days are leaving social media as well

I'd say brushing these figures under the carpet is going to do more harm than good.


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Re: Is The Norfolk Broads Out Of Control?

Post by avg45 » November 28th, 2019, 10:49 am

Couldn't agree with you more, Miles. Not enough tuition or enforcing the rules of navigation is taking place. I have been sitting at Ludham bridge having breakfast at 9.00 am, and seen boats coming through the bridge with the helmsman holding a can or glass in their hand!!! These are probably the same people who if they saw someone get behind the wheel of a car with a glass or can in their hand, would be horrified! :( :( :(

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