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Keeping The Peace With The Fisherman

Posted: May 20th, 2019, 3:12 pm
by Miles
Many will be aware that tensions do appear on the horizon sometimes when one wishes to moor.
I could tell you some stories and I know frequent boaters on the Norfolk Broads could do exactly the same.
The first thing to be clear is if a fisherman has a licence then they have just as much right to be here as any other boater, however, it is rarely that simple.
Without going off on a tangent let me get straight to the point of most conflict........mooring up at non B.A. moorings.
For example coming in to moor at the parish side of Irstead or Stalham Staithe and the fisherman refuse to move which does happen...sadly more often than not.
The most common reaction is to hear claims that because it's not a B.A. mooring then they don't have to move.
So what is the deal and what is the nuts and bolts of these situations?
There are some exceptions and I understand Potter Heigham is one in places and it states this on a sign.
However, I really felt the need to get full clarification from the Broads Authority simply because I've had enough of bloody idiots making my life difficult when coming into moor.
This is the response I received,

The Navigation Byelaws state: “Any person fishing from a boat or the bank shall show reasonable consideration to any other person using the navigation area and shall ensure that his rod or line does not obstruct the passage of a vessel along a channel.”

This means that there is a “assumed” trust that river users will do all they can to ensure they do not obstruct or impede the use and enjoyment of the river for others.

Now that is pretty clear to me.
It makes no difference if you are on private land, if you are blocking a boat from navigating then you are in the wrong.
It is of no relavence who or what manages the mooring, it is within the navigation channel and you must navigate to that mooring.

When I asked how to report these forever occurring incidents, I questioned whether it was best to video the incidents or offenders?

The simple answer is to call this number:

(01603) 610734 and ask them to forward your call to Senior Ranger for the Northern Rivers – Mr Andy Ellson.

I would advise all to keep this number on your phone.