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Boat Buying Guide.

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Boat Buying Guide.

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Boat Buying Guide.

Basic boat buying advice to help readers avoid some common pitfalls when buying boats, whether they are used or new.

For the purpose of this article I will consider when writing this article that some readers will have knowledge of boats whilst others will not.

So, let us keep it simple and direct to the point and on that note here are 10 points that I will share with you to save your losing affinity with your future floating pleasure craft.

Boat Windows.

Let it be said that boat windows are really a source of constant attention on all vessels. These include day boats to ocean liners. The simplest check you can do to boat windows is two tests.

The first test is a visual examination. Inside and outside you will be looking for evidence of discolouration. If water is getting in, then it will be leaving a trace. It may be a green mould between the perspex and superstructure, or it may be the blackness of wood internally on wood or fabric.

Some boats may even have glass, such as river cruisers, make sure it’s tempered. Better safe than sorry.

If perspex is crazed? That is not an issue to lose sleep over, it will need replacing but is more cosmetic the life-threatening unless of course, you are sailing the high seas…then replace.

The second test is to go in the boat when it’s raining. Just as with second-hand cars, looking at them in the rain will hide a multitude of sins as the hull and paintwork will look better than it truly is. However, if it is raining and you are inside the boat, then you are going to see the leaks.


Always start with the bilges of any boat. It will tell you more about the boat’s history and previous owner than most other parts of any vessel.

To Be Continued...

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