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Buying A Boat - Norfolk Broads

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Buying A Boat - Norfolk Broads

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Norfolk Broads boaters is a subject I feel very confident to write about. Having lived on a boat full-time for over 6 years on the Norfolk Broads I like to think I have seen most of the different types of boats that exist on these wonderful English waterways.

However, having declared that I do now spend a lot of time on the boatyards working on projects. Every now and again a boat turns up and I’ve never seen anything quite like it on the Broads before, so if you think you’ve seen everything on the Norfolk Broads? That is most likely very incorrect. However, on that subject, the fact of the matter is when it comes to boats on the Norfolk Broads they can slip into almost every single class of vessel that you would get on the coast. Now this may seem a little bit strange because effectively speaking the Norfolk Broads is absolutely full of bridges and many of those bridges of very low indeed

When I first came to Norfolk Broads, I thought it was, in fact, a series of canals. I had heard of the Norfolk Broads as I remember hearing of it in a David Bowie song. Do you know from “Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads?” However, the fact of the matter is the Broads was not a subject that I had really given a lot of thought to. There are so many canals in Britain, I think up 2000 miles worth of them, so I just immediately assumed they were just canals. So when I first came up to the Norfolk Broads, the very first place I went to was Brundall and I was very surprised to see the types of boats that were moored there.

Now, the reason why I am pointing this out is that while I write this article about Norfolk Broads boaters and what types of boats you should really be thinking about buying if you’re coming up to the Norfolk Broads, I’m writing it for people who know nothing about Norfolk Broad’s boats. I am assuming that whoever is reading this article for the first time really doesn’t know much about the Norfolk Broads with regards to the different types of boats or rather what sort of boat would be best to buy on these waterways.

I mentioned that the first place I went to on the Norfolk Broads was Brundall. This is actually the worst place I could have possibly have landed first on the Norfolk Broads. The reason why I say this is because the boats that are moored in Brundall do not represent the type of vessels that people should be buying on the Norfolk Broads. Brundall for some bizarre reason is full of oversized gin palaces that really don’t have the option to go very far on the Norfolk Broads at all.

Now with regards to buying a boat on the Norfolk Broads surely it would make good sense to concentrate on buying boats which will ultimately go under all the bridges. However, in a very large amount of cases, people don’t take this line of thinking and you see the Broads full of boats whereby a lot of them won’t go under the most common of bridges. So the first thing I can say about Norfolk Broads boaters is that they are not the most practical of boaters and people do seem to be more inclined to buy boats which basically are not suitable for the Norfolk Broads.

The second point I’d like to point out with regards to buying a boat on the Norfolk Broads is when you come and stay on your boat you are effectively going to be living on it. You may be here for two nights, two weeks, two months and that’s entirely up to you but the fact of the matter is you’re going to be living on that boat. You’re going to be cooking, you’re going to be washing, you are going to be sleeping, you’re going to be showering, and you can be entertaining yourself on the boat. So if you look at buying a boat in the eyes of somebody who lives on a boat full-time, I think you’re going to end up finding something far more suitable and far more comfortable in the long run.

So basically what we looking for here is a boat that goes under all the bridges or it also is a boat which is very suitable for living on.

When you look at buying boats on the Norfolk Broads with that perspective you quickly realise that the vast majority of boats that are the Norfolk Broads are not suitable for your purposes in any shape or form whatsoever.

If you are going to be going on a sailing boat? then you really got to get a sailing boat that has a mast which is very easy to lower and raise. The novelty of raising and lowering a mast on a sailing boat can become tedious very quickly especially if the boat is not suited to easy mast lowering.

This necessity of lowering masts on the Norfolk Broads actually makes it a good place to find a cheap sailing boat. If you end up with a sailing boat here that doesn’t have the option to lower the mast then it means they will sell a lot cheaper than they will in coastal regions.

One last word of caution when buying a boat on the Norfolk Broads is to avoid petrol inboard engined boats. You will be fine with an outboard but an inboard will be very difficult to live with. The reason for this is because there are hardly any boat fuel suppliers on the Norfolk Broads that sell petrol. They are also very dangerous and difficult to sell. For example, a Mark 2 Freeman with a diesel engine will sell all day long but the petrol version will most likely give you great difficulty selling for a reasonable amount.

Norfolk Broads boaters generally keep coming back for a reason and I hope you get to find out why.

Norfolk Broads Forum was started in 2017. :D
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