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Stalham Council Getting Tough

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Re: Stalham Council Getting Tough

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I wouldn't hold your breath. I know they are desperately seeking to have a boat lifted out and everyone is refusing, however, I personally see this situation as a massive failure by the Broads Authority, local council and even Police.
This is matter that should have been handled swiftly and in an ethical manner. The same applies to the sunken houseboat.
I used to visit that staithe a couple of times a week for maybe half an hour to do a Tesco's run...now I don't bother. I am appalled by their attitude and also the lack of anything being done about antisocial boaters.
The only blessing is that the problem has not escalated into more and more boats.
They have inconvenienced hundreds if not thousands of people now over the past three years plus and have really damaged the liveaboard community and are in my opinion a disgrace.

Short Term Discomfort, Long Term Gain...
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