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Fishing On Moorings

Posted: August 18th, 2020, 8:07 pm
by Admin
Here is all the information any angler needs when fishing on the Norfolk Broads.

The link from the Broads Authority is at the bottom of this post.

One point very clear is that anglers are required to give way to boats wishing to moor.

Seems to be an ongoing problem with boaters and fisherman and there really should be no confusion.

In addition, fishing line does a boat no good. It can damage a cutlass bearing on an inboard and can wreck seals on outboards.

It makes no difference whether someone is fishing off a BA mooring, a bank, private land, parish mooring or another boat, anglers are required to keep the boat navigation clear, not the other way around.

Boaters can not see a thin fishing line or float but an angler can see and hear oncoming traffic.

If an angler fails to remove their fishing from the navigation channel from a boat approaching at 4 to 6 miles per hour when the vessel is using the navigation channel, then it is no surprise that they will snag the boat as it passes.

It is not rocket science and I personally fail to see why so many people insist on making it difficult for boaters. ... sm/angling

Re: Fishing On Moorings

Posted: August 19th, 2020, 9:05 pm
by Scardinus
It goes both ways, many times when fishing the river in winter, nothing about, boats have come past me close enough to hit the end of my rod, why not just move across.
One incident I did enjoy was after launching my dingy at sutton, I moored at the top end of the 24 hour moorings to wait for my friend who was running late, threw a float out to pass the time to be told by a very arrogant private owner to move so he could moor, plenty of space further down, kept saying anglers must move, so I packed up my rod and sat there, no longer fishing just moored, if he was polite I would have moved down but some people are too arrogant for their own good.

Re: Fishing On Moorings

Posted: August 19th, 2020, 10:08 pm
by Admin
I know someone who had problems with an angler at Irstead.
While the chap on the boat was mooring up, the angler pushed him in the river.
Fuming mad he climbed out but by this time the police were on scene.
This did not stop the boater from then pushing the fisherman in the pond.
Weirder still, the boater got nicked.
Think there is a retired copper living in one of the houses there and must have seen the confrontation.