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Frosty Receptions At Stalham Staithe

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Frosty Receptions At Stalham Staithe

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I decided to try out Stalham Staithe last night since its renovations.
This is the first time I had ever taken this particular sailboat and I was surprised to see that some negative comments were appearing on another forum within hours.
Firstly, I was the first one there and I can assure you I most certainly did not overstay. Even with no signs up, I was gone within 24 hours.
A sailboat arrived afterwards being towed which is nothing to do with me.
Posting comments like
Didn't take them long ...same old boats over staying ....
It is slanderous and I would advise people to think before they start making comments. Just because a small minority of liveaboards are troublesome, it is not an invitation to target others with your hatred.

I came back to my boat this morning to find rubbish thrown on it in the cockpit.
I spent the morning giving my boat a good clean which is so much better to do there because it is now mud free. ...what a pleasure.
This process took several hours and I was amazed just how many people came to see the staithe.
There is a notorious couple living by who created a bad name for themselves during the summer by attempting to intimidate private boaters by questioning them and posting stupid notices on people's boats. The chap is a delivery driver at nearby Bakers and today he was taking photos of all the boats moored there.
People are quite within their rights to film in public and people are quite within their rights to moor at a public staithe without being harassed by local residents who have some personal vendetta or agenda.
If people have boats which are tolled, have safety certificates and are moored legally then nobody has any business pestering them or posting incorrect slanderous comments online.
In all walks of society there are bad elements and nobody would dare tar all of society with the same brush.
The same applies to liveaboards on the Norfolk Broads.
From my own experiences on the Norfolk Broads which is of a considerable period of time, I can confidently state that most people accusing people of being over stayers, particularly online are the biggest over stayers of all.

Short Term Discomfort, Long Term Gain...
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