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Broads Authority Briefing On Stalham Staithe

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Broads Authority Briefing On Stalham Staithe

Post by Miles »

I just noticed a Broads Briefing posted on Twitter.

This was their write up on Stalham Staithe.
Stalham Staithe
I am absolutely delighted with the progress we have made to upgrade the Staithe at Stalham working in partnership with Stalham Town Council and Norfolk County Council. This has been a long running problem and the source of numerous emails, but like many issues connected to the Broads it has taken time to resolve.

The expensive repairs needed at the Staithe has meant that a phased approached was required with phase one being the re-piling of a damaged and eroded section. Phase two is currently underway with Norfolk County Council creating a footway, installing drainage and creating a shorter section of grass verge. Works are progressing well and as you can see from the photograph, the improvements to this area are significant.

Many thanks to the Town Council and Norfolk County Council – it has been a real pleasure to work with them both on the project. We are looking forward to the end of December when the works are scheduled to have finished.
Personally, I don't think this is at all accurate,
I am absolutely delighted with the progress we have made to upgrade the Staithe at Stalham
I think it's fair to say that most people are not delighted at all with their efforts.

Firstly, a local councillor informed me that the key heading was restored by the Highways Agency.

Secondly, the council have paid for the renovation of the staithe with regards to the current works being carried out.

The boats that trespassed moored there, one for three years continuously without the Broads Authority clearing the navigation for everyone else.has not delighted anyone I know off.

Furthermore, the staithe desperately needs dredging and I can assure you that no boater is delighted about that either.

The only people who deserve any credit as far as Stalham Staithe is concerned are the local residents, businesses and boaters who have tirelessly complained and pleaded with the local council to sort the place out because from where I am looking the Broads Authority have not done what they are supposed to do.........

And that is to keep the navigation clear.

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Re: Broads Authority Briefing On Stalham Staithe

Post by BytheBroads »

I'm very surprised a local councillor is not aware that the nearest location the Highways Agency has any interest in is the A47
That said there is a lot of confusion especially as in the East of England the District Councils are responsible for litter clearing on Highways Authority roads but not central reservations or roundabouts - just how complicated can it get!
I did send a quick email off to JP asking about dredging but he had already left his office for the Christmas break - I will convey what he replies in due course

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