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Work Begins At Stalham Staithe

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Work Begins At Stalham Staithe

Post by Miles » October 25th, 2019, 2:27 pm

Stalham Staithe has had two safety ladders installed and also some safety chain fitted along the mooring heading.
I wonder why no mooring posts were installed?
I must confess that the location for these new ladders is spot on and whoever is behind the idea has got it perfectly right. You see the staithe is a bit of a weird shape and is angular in places making it a bit awkward to moor at times. The ladders complement its layout and I am really pleased to see some improvements being made.
Stalham Staithe is a very historic location and it has been neglected for many years. It is desperate for restoration including dredging. It needs mooring posts and it also needs regulating as it has been abused by antisocial boaters for an unacceptable period of time.
In my opinion, the staithe is currently an eyesore and ideally, it should be an attraction for boaters and an entry channel for the town of Stalham.
The irony of the staithe is that it was initially used by trade wherries which were of a considerable length, however, contemporary hire boats are too big to turn in the area and often get stuck and constantly damage moored boats. Judging by old photographs it is possible that it was wider in areas, namely where the Simpsons holiday rental is located. Photographs suggest the area between this and their current-day boat storage shelter may have been the original layout and this would explain how 60-foot wherries may have been able to turn around.
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