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24-Hour Free Moorings

Any forum posts relating to the mooring of boats, whether you are looking to buy, rent, or sell a Norfolk Broads boat mooring.
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24-Hour Free Moorings

Post by Miles »

'Maximum stay 24 hours - No return within 24 hours'.
We are all familiar with that sign, it is on most Broads Authority moorings.
it seems clear enough as once you have stayed on the mooring for 24 hours, you must disembark and you can not return for another 24 hours.
I question this as clearly, you have an allowance of 24 hours to moor but it does not specify that it must be used in one period of time.
So if one was to moor up for 12 hours and then went off to another location for lunch, a pump out or just to get some water for perhaps say a couple of hours, then I see no reason why one could not then return to their previous mooring and use up the remaining 12 hours.
People may say, 'Well it does not work like that', however, it does work like that as it says you have 24 hours mooring allowance and therefore you should be able to fulfill it as it does not state that you can't come back within 24 hours if you have not used up all the 24 hours.
Technically speaking if the 24 hours is used up in one visit even if you only stayed 2 hours then I would have to suggest that the signs should make that very clear.

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Re: 24-Hour Free Moorings

Post by avg45 »

Totally agree with you Miles. :D :D :D :D

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