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Not Enough Moorings On Norfolk Broads

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Not Enough Moorings On Norfolk Broads

Post by Miles » February 22nd, 2019, 7:15 pm

There is an interesting article in the eveningnews24 today about boaters moaning that there are not enough moorings in the summertime.
Let's bring this into perspective a little.
I was told recently that Richardson's Boat Hire has over 300 boats which are in effect fully booked.
Barnes Brinkcraft has around a hundred and as for the other big fleet hire boats I am not sure but must be pretty substantial, especially Herbert Woods.
You can come into Sutton Staithe in the summer and the vast majority percentage of boats will be hire boats, Hoveton......hire boats, in fact they are everywhere... Let's face it!
Nothing wrong with that, its just people here to chill out and enjoy themselves.
Now if the Broads Authority can not get rid of perpetual overstayers on moorings and the local councils can't get overstayers off from their moorings, then what chance do the existing moorings on the Norfolk Broads have to accommodate the inevitable veritable barrage of oversized hire boats that are soon to be let loose on this apparent dodgem park....sorry national park?
The fact of the matter is the moorings can't cope and have diminished continuously since years back.
This results in boats having to squeeze in tighter which leads to collisions and also safety ladders being moored across more often than not.
If the Broads Authority continue to lose moorings at the rate they have since 2014 then this wonderful waterways is more f****d than it appears to be already.
The solution can only come in two forms.
One, get more moorings fast
Two, have a cull on the size and quantities of hire boats.
How any particular company can justify having over 300 large hire boats is quite frankly O.T.T....when is enough, enough?
There are too many for the existing moorings.
Supplying hire boats with dinghies only exasperates the situation and personally I think hiring dinghies to a 45 foot boat is madness anyway.
If the Broads Authority can't provide the moorings for these monstrous fleets of hire boats then they quite simply should be brought into balance with what exists.
There is an imbalance and it will only create negative effects.
I think the very first course of action should be to remove any hire boat that doesn't fit under every single bridge on the Norfolk Broads.
Secondly, stop charging people such ridiculous fees for staying at key headings conveniently titled as yacht stations.
There are miles and miles of bankside mooring spots, stick some pontoons along them so people can safely moor up.
You can't expect people to mud weight on the south Broads with such currents, use pontoons so they can stop and moor up.
It is not rocket science.
Read the article here.
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Re: Not Enough Moorings On Norfolk Broads

Post by Luna » February 22nd, 2019, 9:52 pm

I’m quite happy that many boats won’t go under Potter Heigham Bridge. That means there’s far less traffic on Hickling and Horsey even in High summer. Two of my favourite places to sail and wild moor.

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Re: Not Enough Moorings On Norfolk Broads

Post by JohnS » February 24th, 2019, 7:10 am

Well at least you’re okay Luna. For the rest of us though it’s an increasing struggle to moor up in the summer.
I see some inconsiderate mooring, which doesn’t help the situation. Boats with huge spaces between them and when you come close they all look the other way in fear you’ll ask them to pull up a bit. I saw that type of mooring yesterday At Sutton, add in a couple of gnomes fishing at the end and it does reduce the available spaces.
I think the BA really do need to look at increasing the number of mooring spaces or reducing the size of boats using the rivers.

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Re: Not Enough Moorings On Norfolk Broads

Post by Miles » February 24th, 2019, 7:39 am

Last year I noticed hire boats and hire boats only doing this. They would deliberately moor two posts from the end of the moorings enabling them to have a special space to moor knowing damn well no one is going to ask them to move because by now they would have five boats in front of them.
This really got my goat to be honest.
The fact of the matter is why allow fishing on bloody moorings anyway? Of course it is going to cause conflict.
Sutton is narrow and has a stream of hire boats fishing with people facing the wrong way and a dozen or so fishing lines across the navigation path whilst the crew are inside scratching their backsides.
Simple solution, moorings are moorings. If you want to fish?....fine. There is 125 miles of navigation, so why not fish anywhere but where boats wish to moor.
Secondly, if someone has hired a boar, why fish from the mooring anyway? Go out in the middle of the Broads.
This is why the likes of Packman should be visiting moorings and see what is actually unfolding especially after hours rather than running around like a bloody celebrity.
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Re: Not Enough Moorings On Norfolk Broads

Post by BytheBroads » February 24th, 2019, 11:01 am

The hire fleet peaked in 1986-7 at over 2000 it is now under 1000 though the number of private craft has gone up. Back then there were numerous wild moorings by the time I hired in late September - I now know why - people just had to find somewhere as the sun went down There is some info here https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environmen ... -1-5237637 and more here but over 10 years old now http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/__da ... report.pdf
Somewhat tongue in cheek there has been a comment in another place that toll reminders have gone out early this year one wonders if that is to give anyone deciding to give up their boat plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements?

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