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Is This A Bridge Too Far?

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Is This A Bridge Too Far?

Post by Miles »

I put a question to you and that is what it is, a question and nothing more. :D :lol: :D
Is it reasonable of a Norfolk Broad's hire boat company to hire out such large hire boats accompanied by long tenders?
Firstly, there is no way in hell that these boats can turn in many locations without thumping the crap out of other boats. One that springs to mind is Stalham Staithe but no bugger can get in there at the moment, so that probably does not count.
Loddon basin would be tricky and so too would be Norwich yacht station.
How about Nestishead?...no chance! :roll:
The boats are unable to reverse with these tenders and are therefore unable to use stern on moorings without slapping other boats.
The boats will slap against other boats who have the misfortune of mooring next to them on regular side on moorings.
The dinghies use up additional mooring space which is already in shortage.
The dinghies are rarely towed properly and often side swipe boats.
So my question is, is this reasonable to add to an already troublesome source?
Or is the greed for profit so much more important than the enjoyment of the waterways for other boaters.

Short Term Discomfort, Long Term Gain...
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