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Hire Boat Tuition.

Norfolk Broads boating holidays are famous worldwide. Post your forum questions, answers, or experiences relating to Norfolk Broads boat hire here!
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Hire Boat Tuition.

Post by Miles »

As many of you will know I quite frequently express my disapproval with the amount of hire boat tuition hirers get.
It's not a moan on people having a good time on the Norfolk Broads, quite the opposite.
It is an observation based on experience.
I have spent the past morning reading reviews on Trip Advisor and one reoccurring statement is that customers state they get just 15 minutes tuition and that entails how to go forward and how to go back. This is what I have heard from hirers for the past 3.5 years.
Its not fair on the customers to go out in huge boats and expect them to behave reasonably with such little tuition.
Clearly time is an issue in doing this so why not get all hirers to watch a video before they go out telling them what they need to know. They could even be sent a link to watch the video when they book their boats. Its not rocket science and I wonder why this short coming persists.

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Re: Hire Boat Tuition.

Post by BEN »

They do have boat instruction videos etc on the web sites, sadly few view them. Look down towards the bottom of the page


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Re: Hire Boat Tuition.

Post by High Seas »

I see a link for an introductory video and it opens up into an overload of information articles from what I can see.
In my experience, an audio visual presentation captures people's attention.

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