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Oh Dear Herbert Woods.

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Oh Dear Herbert Woods.

Post by Miles »

I watched this hoping it might be the plonker who hit my boat and left a nasty scrape down the side but sadly it was not as I was really looking forward to speaking to him.
Putting that aside for a moment this video is pretty shocking especially when the chap reckons he paid nearly a grand for a week.
How on Earth are holiday makers expected to navigate boats safely when they can't even see where they are going?
Evidently there is a real condensation issue so he should have had a window open especially running the heating but the boat is leaking badly.
What really got me though was why would anyone want to sleep on a bunk on top of an engine?

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Re: Oh Dear Herbert Woods.

Post by Hylander »

That is terrible and I should imagine Herby Woods will be looking into this. They are usually a very caring a good company. This is not a good advert for their boats at all.

High Seas

Re: Oh Dear Herbert Woods.

Post by High Seas »

I have to admit that I was quite surprised by the condition of the boat as it was clearly drenched. I could clearly see a nasty condensation issue and I did wonder whether it was that running down the windows on the inside. The amount of condensation created by just one person in the night is staggering to be fair, anyone who has ever slept in a car with the windows closed would know that. Several people on a boat would really cause some severe inside liquid ingress.

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