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Hi From The Forum Administrator.

New members to say hi to the Norfolk Broads Forum members if they so wish?
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Hi From The Forum Administrator.

Post by Miles »

Hello to all and welcome to my new Norfolk Broads Forum.

Many will be aware that there already exists some established Norfolk Broads forums varying in formats etc.
The purpose of me creating another one is primarily to allow a greater freedom with online users to post more openly and free from unnecessary censorship of individual viewpoints.

I have experienced my own comments and views at times in the past having been censored online which I totally disagreed with. I do not believe that individuals who may be particularly biased towards certain Broad's related subjects should not be in a position of moderating and censoring people's posts if they do not like or agree with them.

I believe that a forum should be just like Speaker's Corner and folks should be permitted to express their views openly and without restrictions. This does not mean this forum is open to cyber crimes, spam, internet trolls, and profanity. It means that I will not censor your comments and I won't suppress your opinions and views.

The forum will at some point in the future feature advertisements and this is to cover my own costs in running the website.

The forum does not require donations thank you.

If you wish to advertise your Broad's related business? please feel free to do so. You can post a link and description to your business in the 'Free Broad's Business Advertising' section once and just the once please as otherwise that will be perceived as spam.

You can also post your boats for sale for free and any marine related items. Yet again just one post please and no repeat adverts as this will be deemed as spam. Spam is only cool in sandwiches and even then it is questionable. It will help all who read your for sale posts if you update the posts if and when items sell. 'Boats & Bits For Sale' is the section you want for selling stuff.

Enjoy the forum.

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High Seas

Re: Hi From The Forum Administrator.

Post by High Seas »

I also go under the name of High Seas too as you can see from this post. Some days I dress up as ADMIN and others as High Seas..its what living on a boat does to you. Like a seasoned boater said to me once, 'its tough at the top'. :D

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