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Introduction peterb

New members to say hi to the Norfolk Broads Forum members if they so wish?
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Introduction peterb

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I have a Pegasus 700 moored at Martham. I sailed dinghies from an early age, mostly racing. Gave up sailing when the racing became about sponsorship and semi-professionals. Started sailing again, this time in bigger yachts completing the RYA Dayskipper about 5 years ago. Another rest from sailing before I took the plunge and purchased the Pegasus last year. By then, I had lived in Norfolk 8 years and only been on the water here once! Now, I get out most weekends. Amazing what is hidden in their beautiful county when you see it from the water, not the roads!

Full respect to the livaboards, both here and elsewhere. Wish I could be brave enough, but I am not far from retirement and hope to extend my time afloat then!

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Re: Introduction peterb

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Welcome onboard.
The liveaboards was one reason for the new forum but it was mainly due to being censored. I wont be censored and nor shall others.
Enjoy the forum and looks like we are in for another fine day on the Broads.

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