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New members to say hi to the Norfolk Broads Forum members if they so wish?
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Post by CATFISH »

Hi Miles,[and anyone else looking in] only just found the forum but finding my around and enjoying it so far.

"This post is not visible to other users until it has been approved by a moderator."
can anyone tell me when this is likely to happen?
as there doesn't seem to be much posting going on except for Miles posts.

oh wait,,, nobody except Miles can see this..
over to you sir.
youtube channel is great by the way.

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Re: Hello.

Post by Miles »

I have had a lot of fun doing the YouTube channel and I have met so many people because of it.
It's when one gets to look back across the years that I can really appreciate how lucky I have been. It's been a privilege and certainly changed my life and perspective.
Always nice to meet people who want to try the liveaboard dynamic for a while...sadly they don't seem to last long in many cases and I can't help but wonder why..... :roll: :roll:

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