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The Rivers Will Wait Till It Is Safe Again.

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The Rivers Will Wait Till It Is Safe Again.

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Like a farmer's field is left to lie fallow, the waterways of the Norfolk Broads are surely no different.
The regeneration time of the local flora and fauna seems to coincide with the sudden emergence of diesel-burning flotillas which can do no good to the waterways at all.
The lockdown is not all doom and gloom.
I remember in the lockdown of 2020 which was before the mad rush of boats at the start of the season and everything looked different.
Wildlife was certainly in abundance.
The air was notably different which is hardly surprising really.
I also remember the leaves on a big oak tree at Wayford Bridge just happened to look that much greener...I kid you not.
You all keep safe and let us all get through this together, one day at a time. :D
The rivers will wait till it is safe once more.

Short Term Discomfort, Long Term Gain...
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