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2020 The Weirdest Season So Far

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2020 The Weirdest Season So Far

Post by Miles »

During lockdown I still had another yacht that I could not get out of the water. With all the usual boats not going back in the pond for the start of the boating season, storage space on dry standing simply was not available.
This gave me a unique opportunity to be on the River Ant when the waterways were totally empty.
I would be lying if I didn't say that it was truly amazing.
It was an unique experience that only a few would see.
The trees even looked that little bit greener.
The water lay undisturbed with seeds and insects floating on the top of the water.
Giant swan nests were visible in many places.
I absolutely loved it, it gave me a glimpse in to a cleaner Norfolk Broads. In fact, it also gave me a look through the window of time to be able to imagine how serene and beautiful this place would have been in centuries past.
The thought of flotillas of thundering diesels coming along the river now appeared as unpleasant image.
However, I doubt such an unique experience on the Norfolk Broads will be seen again if at all.
Sure the winters can offer a different Broad's experience but to see this in the summer bloom and baking heat was priceless and a privilege.
It is a privilege to come to the Norfolk Broads and that's why such eyesores as the sunken houseboat at Sutton Broad are totally unacceptable in my opinion.
That is the beauty of having your own Norfolk Broads Forum, you can have an opinion without getting censored or moderated by an over zealous moderator (s) who are envious of your lifestyle.
Talking of which, with on going boat projects and having been spoilt by the beautiful silence during Covid 19 lockdown, I am going to be sitting the next three months out.
The thought of having to defend any vessel from continuous impacts, couldn't care less boaters, competing for moorings and inevitable drunks fills me with the urge to spend the time more creatively.
However, I will be launching one of my yachts at the end of the season with the aim of avoiding the chaos.
What exactly is so wonderful about this place is hard to define, although it has to be something to do with the water.
I can't wait, I love it out there, especially the River Ant
The wonderful Norfolk Broads.

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