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MR. P Strikes again

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MR. P Strikes again

Post by avg45 »

Just been looking at the other site and it would seem that our old friend P******e has been up to his tricks again. He has been out taking boat numbers and checking to see if they are tolled. Not only that a very nice lady (Bella) on that site has been subject to a few vitriolic remarks for daring to question his motives, not from just him but also from the dynamic duo K & M, who we also know as quite nasty people. I would have stuck up for her but as you all know I was stopped from logging in and defending myself when they restricted my member ship.. They cannot stop me watching though. I wish she would register on this site and come to realise what a nice bunch we are on this site. :) :)

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Re: MR. P Strikes again

Post by Miles »

From what I understand Paladine is an ex police officer so one can understand that he sounds like he still wears that hat.
I found him very irritating personally and many of his comments were truculent.
The reason why so many boats are untolled is quite simple.
Firstly, I believe many were sending the CEO of the Broads Authority a very strong message.
Secondly, many have lost their incomes.
Thirdly, people pay it in their own time and it really has nothing to do with anybody other than a boat owner and the Broads Authority.
Ultimately, if someone blatantly refused to pay their toll then they get taken to court for the required fee.
I think anybody who has got nothing better to do than run around checking on people's boats for who has or hasn't paid their tolls apart from the BA should consider occupying their time in a more productive way.
Life is short, I am not going to waste my time grassing everybody up.

If there is a second spike with the Covid 19 then that'll be it for the Norfolk Broads this year so I totally respect anyone's choice not to pay tolls so far. I'd be quite happy to wait till June/July because if you pay tolls and can't use your boat, I doubt you'll see any refund.

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