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So What's In Store This Boating Season?

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So What's In Store This Boating Season?

Post by Miles »

So what on Earth is going to happen with private boaters on the Norfolk Broads?
It can't carry on like this with the Broads Authority charging private boaters tolls and all the hire boats getting made exempt from any toll at all.
Personally, what I find uncomfortable is the speed which they CEO of the Broads Authority announced the hire boats exemption. It was literally at the start of this pandemic.
It is now blatantly clear to all that the rules have been bent and bent in a way that has really angered private boat owners.
The clause or exemption applied is so ambiguous and clearly refers to all boats and not just the hire boats.
People who have paid their boat tolls are now in many cases wishing they had not as hardly anyone can get to their boats, let alone use them.
It would appear that there will be some relaxation in lockdown enforcement but the opportunity for private boaters to actually use their vessels for recreational use is likely to be out of the question for quite some time.
Furthermore, those that will now be wanting to sell their boats will find that is near on impossible.
The waters appear to be quite literally thriving at present with near on zero traffic the wildlife has really benefited.
Swans nesting undisturbed, goslings and ducklings now common sights.
One might even expect the seals to travel further up the rivers as no boats to frighten them off.
Deer are everywhere and with no noise from boat engines they are seen and heard on an almost daily basis
So what is in store on the Norfolk Broads is most certainly unpredictable at current time.
It is really a very unusual place at the moment but what I have been able to see of the waterways at present is a state of serenity and beauty I have never witnessed before.

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