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Daily Mail Selling The Closed Norfolk Broads

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Daily Mail Selling The Closed Norfolk Broads

Post by Miles » April 5th, 2020, 7:38 am

Daily Mail have an article about hiring a boat from Barnes Brinkcraft and the writer of this article has slipped in some very amusing quotes. Ambiguous perhaps or deliberately done, one will never know.
it seems remarkable that the company lets complete novices loose on them
Hold on, it gets better...
and they go so slowly that accidents are very rare
Just when you thought it was over...
were given instructions about manoeuvring the boat
Most Broads newbies no doubt consider it marvellous to be able to cruise the peaceful waterways within an hour, without having to endure a long boating course.
I am sure the writer of this article put these quotes in deliberately...

Indeed, whenever you turn off the engine, it is lovely to hear no more than birdsong or laughter from a passing boat.
Daily Mail
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