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Lockdown - The Show Must Go On - Boats Need Attention

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Lockdown - The Show Must Go On - Boats Need Attention

Post by Miles » April 4th, 2020, 7:52 am

Understandably many will be frustrated by being unable to visit their boats for leisure purposes.
Especially with the new boating season and improved weather.
However, there now exists imminent threats to people's boats if they are not supervised.
This post is not aimed to unsettle boat owners.
It is aimed at raising awareness with locals, marina owners and those who can help other boaters who can not check on their vessel.
Many boats will now be at risk.
If shops in towns are now under threat from robbers then boats are most certainly highly vulnerable to criminals.
Your boat yard must be able to walk around their marinas checking mooring ropes and boat hatches and doors etc.
Many boats are very reliant on their bilge pumps due to wooden built, stern glands, unrepaired leaks and of course rainfall.
Once the batteries are flat, then the boats are going to be taking on water.

So what can you do?

If the mooring owner is available? Contact them and ask them to check your boat. It is not too much to ask from what is effectively a landlord.

If there are any liveaboards on your mooring or marina? It is time to contact them and ask them if they can check your boat, keep an eye on it or alert you if it is in trouble.

Make sure your insurance is valid, if you have just third party cover? Now more than ever is a good time to augment it to fully comprehensive.
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