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National Dodgem Park

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National Dodgem Park

Post by Miles » February 18th, 2020, 2:48 am

With Spring on the horizon now and one of the mildest winters coming to a closure..... hopefully, :roll:
I can't help but wonder what the future holds for the Norfolk Broads.

With fly-tipped sunken boats remaining.
Perpetual overstayers free to abuse and continue to block navigation with impunity.
Diesel and petrol boats becoming surpressed by an unelected and undemocratic authority in the name of pseudo science used solely for financial gain.
And the dreaded start of the oversized and unregulated hire boat industry about to restart it's rampage of boat collisions all over again.....where does it really leave the private boater?

I think many will be wondering whether it's time to take their boating pleasure to other waterways.

With ever increasing boating tolls and compounding frustration felt by so many boaters regarding the management of these waterways, is it any wonder at all?

The only real time to experience the Norfolk Broads is in the midst of winter.

Indeed possible and an opportunity many are now happy to take.

However, it speaks volumes when you consider that people are prepared to go out in what is effectively the most uncomfortable seasonal meteorological conditions just to get that boating fix.

To me it tells a story that to many the boating season is just too damn crazy for most people to enjoy properly.

I think such simple improvements could have been made years ago which could have held the true integrity of the Norfolk Broads intact for future generations.

What I see now is a financial beast unleashed on these waterways which thrashes its way through the boating season like a bull in a china shop.

If you happen to be in that shop at the wrong time, all hell breaks lose and you can be left a true victim. A victim of profit, greed and just outright simple lack of respect.

I write metaphorically but to anyone who knows the Norfolk Broads, they will understand what I really refer to.

So people now say to me that they don't feel safe on the Norfolk Broads. They also add that they will not use public moorings or even go out in their boat in August.

What does that say about this place now?

How can a national park become a no-go area just like a bad part of a city?

Surely with conditions such as these then a location of this nature is not likely to flourish and prosper but more likely to implode because of the greed and selfish acts of just a few.

Perhaps not the most positive of thoughts as we all come out of the winter. However, I can not deny that even myself I am starting to feel a sense of dread as the all too familiar tsunami of obnoxious greed emerges to fatten the belly of the Norfolk Broad's fiends once again.

Improvements to conditions come only from the people who bring them into existence.

Until a true democratic administration exists on the Norfolk Broads then every boater and visitors to these waterways will be entirely at effect of conditions here and will never be in a position of causing positive improvements.

Improvements to boating conditions.

Remember these are tidal waters which means you do in fact have a right to navigate these waterways.

That axiom alone puts all boat navigators in a position of democracy as rights are only upheld in a democratic position.

Ultimately these waterways are a public highway, they are not a dodgem park.

If people feel they can not navigate these waterways at certain times of year because it is unsafe to do so, then surely something has gone very wrong here.
⛵ Norfolk Broads Forum now features a blog, classifieds & forum ⛵

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