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Electric Boats And Running Engines

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Electric Boats And Running Engines

Post by Miles » February 5th, 2020, 1:27 pm

Evidently no single person will be able to buy a petrol or diesel car soonish. :roll:
If all the boats have to go electric on the Norfolk Broads then the requirements to run engines at moorings will be a thing of the past...or will it?

If you pictures hundreds of massive hire boats out in the high season with huge power needs in a concentrated period of time.

Hot water as and when you need it.
Batteries to be kept topped up

So how are the hire boat industry going to deal with that one other than having generators on the boats?

Even if electric points go up all over the Norfolk Broads, then can you just imagine the drain on the electrical grid across these waterways?

Hundreds of boats drawing massive amounts of electricity to hear water instantly for months at a time.

It's crazy to think this system can last.

My guess is that for many, especially the large hire boat industry, boating is a luxury that most will not be able to economically sustain.

Just what that holds for the waterways is change and change on a massive scale.

In fact, like many cycles in life it could be actually going back to basics and in many ways just as it was for centuries.

A natural highway and not a national dodgem park.
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