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Disturbing Norfolk Broads Forums Agendas

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Disturbing Norfolk Broads Forums Agendas

Post by Miles » January 25th, 2020, 4:25 am

I have never pulled any punches when it comes to my observations that are Norfolk Broads related.

Like so many others who have been fortunate to spend a lot of quality time on these wonderful waterways, I can smell, spot and detect B.S. a mile off.

Whether it be related to the Broads Authority and their unelected and undemocratic role in this place, the jihadi style nature of the oversized hire boat industry or even the web of trolls that lurk in the anonymity of online keyboard warrior networks.

A particular post on another forum has come into discussion recently. Although this particular forum where this has come from is far superior to many others out there, it has caused concerns to its ultimate agendas.

By definition a forum is as such,
a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
Now that is all good and well.
At times moderation will be inevitable.
There will always be the need for certain individuals to be removed from posting just like in any other situation in life.
Even this forum had death threats from a disturbed individual at one time who ultimately ended up being convicted for the offence.
The point here is there is a huge difference between moderation and censorship.
I am sure most understand the moderation aspects but why are people being censored?
People are only censored when the truth is being covered up.
Truths are only covered up when there is motivation for doing so.

Look at this recent post by a moderator on another forum which incidentally was immediately locked to prevent any discussion.

The moderation team would like to remind people that any youtube videos posted should conform to the terms of service for the forum, particularly the no naming and shaming clause or details of what a crew are doing wrongly.
Why would there be such censorship of...

particularly the no naming and shaming clause or details of what a crew are doing wrongly.

Surely if something worthy of naming and shaming or better still seeing what a crew is doing wrong, is that not going to help others to learn from it.

Personally, I suspect that this censorship of YouTube videos is to prevent people from posting videos showing the real Norfolk Broads as it is and as it has been.

If real videos of real boating experiences on the Norfolk Broads are being censored, then my only conclusion is that fees paid from advertising on these forums is more important than the truth and real fundamental principles of a forum being upheld.

I think this probably is a reflection of a much bigger censorship of the Norfolk Broads where money talks and b*lls**t walks. :D
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Re: Disturbing Norfolk Broads Forums Agendas

Post by avg45 » January 26th, 2020, 7:50 pm

You are totally right Miles with your assessment of the other side. As you know I have been banned from there on a so called infringement of terms of service, without any recourse to a serious answer to why. I never named any names, or personally attacked anyone in print or otherwise. I have never had a reply to emails sent to the so called Moderator, Richard, or any other moderator. There is no appeals procedure in place to put my case and It annoys me as I, over the years have made quite a few friends who I used to keep in touch with, and now am unable to do so as I cannot log in at all on that site. A few people on this great site saw the posts that caused me to be banned and cannot understand why I was banned. It seems to me that if you disagree with their point of view you are deemed to be a disruptive influence that cannot be tolerated. I always thought the point of a Forum was to discuss different points of view without insulting or threatening behaviour . I must admit that I am now on the best Forum in Norfolk and wish you and everyone all the very best for 2020. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


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