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Red diesel

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Red diesel

Post by avg45 »

I have heard recently ( from those know it alls on the other forum) that the powers that be are going to abolish red diesel. Just been chatting to a mate who owns a boat in Brighton Marina and he says that there are no plans afoot there to do away with red diesel, although working boats pay 0.74p a litre while private boats pay around £1.00 a litre, but no pans as yet to do away with it. Is this a bit of scaremongering? So on this basis if you can buy it cheaper than the yards sell it you are legally entitled to do so. Without being prosecuted. :)

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Re: Red diesel

Post by Miles »

From what I can gather the tax collectors are trying to clamp down on boating fuel, namely diesel...doing what they do best...SUPPPRESSING PEOPLE!

With the ever growing, *'Climate Warming Scam' getting out of control, I would say the days are numbered for diesel engines on boats.

When you consider that cars have particulate filters and are still getting suppressed then these old smokey boat engines on the Norfolk Broads are going to get hit hard.

In addition, the implications of eradicating these diesel engines in the hire boat industry as well as private boats, it clearly is not a sustainable plan of action.

My guess woud be that a law enforced measure that is likely to be introduced is the compulsory installation of exhaust filters and the penalty of non compliance would be hefty taxes or failing a boat safety test.

To be quite honest, so many boats on the Norfolk Broads smoke like steam locomotives, sound like tractors and p*** me off running at moorings.

Therefore the introduction of a shift towards going electric is something I really hope to see.

That way we can get to see more electric posts installed and although electric creation has its own problems, solar panels do not.

One final note is that with the Norfolk Broads having such flat land surrounding the rivers, I would have to suggest that it would be ideal for solar farms.

I think if the Norfolk Broads could achieve zero carbon emissions from the boats then it would really be a gem in the crown of English nature.

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