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Forum Is Back Online And Much More

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Forum Is Back Online And Much More

Post by Miles » October 18th, 2019, 6:06 pm

Just to let you all know that the old forum is back online.
It is quiet I know but after much technical research, I was able to recover the database and reestablish the forum.
Although I don't expect a lot of traffic as I am concentrating more on the forum classifieds website, however, I felt it necessary to let you all know as I will be updating it as time goes by.
After experimenting with different concepts over the past few years, I have decided to bring a series of online projects into one main source which is the Norfolk Broads Forum. In simple terms the website, NORFOLK BROADS FORUM now consists of a blog, a forum and a classifieds section. The reason being that there is no point doing the same as others as every website needs and should be different.
The first thing to know is that all website sections are free to use.
I am able to offer these for free because they are funded by the adverts which appear on every one.
Each site is under development still so technically work will be going on in the background.
Kind regards,
Click here for old forum
Click here for classifieds
⛵ Norfolk Broads Forum now features a blog, classifieds & forum ⛵

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