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Broads Registration Numbers

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Broads Registration Numbers

Post by Miles » June 11th, 2018, 7:20 pm

You may have noticed that the Broads Authority are clamping down on boat registration marks.
An issue has been brought up in conversation that they are insisting on all boats following suit, however, byelaws state otherwise.
There are indeed exceptions to this rule and that is to deal with sailing boats primarily.
The point that was highlighted to myself was that if you have a low freeboard or an unusual shaped transom then as long as you display the boat's name on the bow, you are quite within your rights.
Now this makes total sense and a lot of the Broad's sailors are getting annoyed by it.
Another key issue is that if it is deemed impractical to put numbers on to a stern then that is disgressionary by the boat owner. I think it is pretty near on impossible to put sticky numbers on a boat upside down.
The main issue for a certain boater raising this issue is because if the Broads Authority are not following the byelaws then there is a distinct problem here and I quite agree.

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