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Why Not Have A Public Broad's Watch?

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Why Not Have A Public Broad's Watch?

Post by Dances With Otters » May 14th, 2018, 7:24 am

If you bear in mind that there is roughly 125 miles of navigable waterways on the Norfolk Broads (so I have been told), then it is more than reasonable to not expect every inch to be monitored 24 hours of day. That would just be ridiculous. I use the term, 'monitored' lightly as one of the key aspects of the Broads is it's wonderful sense of freedom.

So with thousands of boats and miles of waterways, clearly some issues do exist which are possibly a little difficult to handle.

If a simple Norfolk Broads Watch existed which was solely contributed to by members of the public, whether they be private boaters, hirers, fisherman or even kayakers then the problems that do exist could be raised a lot quicker and easier.

Let's take for example when things go wrong in the early hours. For example, I will share some of my experiences.

Boats being untied to squeeze in a stag party boat which resulted in a 7 ton barge being set loose.

Boats navigating in the night-time which should not be happening if they are not permitted to.

Boats obviously speeding.

Intoxicated helmsman.

Underage children at the helm of a massive hire boat.

Hire boats towing crew members in dinghies.

Sailboats tacking without due care for other boaters.

Overstayers, recently a chap moored at Sutton for two weeks and is actually repeating the process at this time.

Running engines at unsociable times.

Etc, etc.

The idea would not be to threaten the jobs or livelihoods of authority employees but to make their lives a little bit easier, as they would not have to deal with constant complaints by email and phone which then have to be related to an official, if you like.

In addition, the hire boat companies could immediately see online if one of the customers is abusing their vessel and could make a quick courtesy call to their customers and ask them to politely slow down or turn their engines off etc.

One simple official Broads Authority Facebook page could help immensely and all the boaters of the Norfolk Broads could serve it to make it as good a place as possible.

Just a thought but after four years on the Norfolk Broads I would instigate it in a heart beat. 💓

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Re: Why Not Have A Public Broad's Watch?

Post by BEN » May 14th, 2018, 2:39 pm

There was a broads watch in the past but it was more to do with the prevention of break-ins.. what happened to it I don't know..

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