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Acle Project

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Acle Project

Post by Miles » May 17th, 2019, 2:46 pm

I know this Acle project from the Broads Authority has been met with a negative responsive but one thing that has not come up is this.
I went magnet fishing there yesterday.
Went to both sides of the bridge by car.
The speed limit over the bridge is 30mph
As a guess I would suggest most drivers are doing 50 mph
Getting out is....shall I say? A little tricky.
Making that a visitor location is not my going to be safe unless it has its own road for access long before the bridge.
Any doubts? Visit the area by car on both sides

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Re: Acle Project

Post by Batrabill » May 20th, 2019, 7:25 am

I believe the 30 mph is not a limit but a recommendation - its the wrong shaped sign.
I have heard the dangers of turning as a reason why the Acle site is not good, but if that is the case then it isn't safe to turn into the Bridge Inn.
Actually, the Bridge Inn turn is identical to the turn into the Acle BA site, but in mirror image. And, its potentially really dangerous, but not as dangerous as the Pedros/BBC entrance where traffic turning right into the Perdros site is stopped in the road immediately after the bridge.
I suspect if anything does develop at Acle the bridge will have to be made "safer" in some way, although as a quite major road Highways England really don't like to slow traffic down.

The BA Acle story has gone quiet, I suspect it may never happen. The site is now back to its previous use....

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Re: Acle Project

Post by BytheBroads » May 20th, 2019, 5:08 pm

Worth bearing in mind Hadyn Thirtle is the Norfolk County Councillor for the area and was the County Council appointee to the Broads Authority but is about to be replaced. He was also the District councillor on Great Yarmouth District Council for the area till he lost his seat at the recent election by a huge number of votes on a larger than average turnout.

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