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Why Are So Many Oversized Hire Boats Permitted On The Norfolk Broads?

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Why Are So Many Oversized Hire Boats Permitted On The Norfolk Broads?

Post by Dances With Otters » May 14th, 2018, 5:26 am

I would like to ask why it is deemed acceptable for individual companies to have quite literally 100's of hire boats available to hire to anyone on the Norfolk Broads?

Evidently, hire craft are a feature of most waterways but why so many and why such oversized vessels?

Surely, as one of the purposes of the Broads Authority is to maintain the heritage of the Norfolk Broads, I fail to see why moderate sized historical boat yards have been forced out of existence and the areas dominated by huge hire boat fleets. These enormous boat yards are about as historical to the landscape as a fleet of 747's would be parked up next to St. Benet's Abbey.

The hire boats are oversized for these waterways and more often than not flout the boat length restrictions with towing dinghies.

The hirers are more often than not unable to effectively navigate such craft without repeatedly damaging other vessels.

Huge hire fleets can not process the tuition levels to effectively prepare their customers for the waterways.

The Norfolk Broads does not have the refuse infrastructure to deal with the current levels of hire craft.

The Broads does not have enough moorings to deal with the amount of hire craft.

The waterways are not supervised enough by authorities to prevent speeding, intoxicated boaters, collisions and antisocial behaviour after office hours.

So my question to the Broads Authority is, why are so many oversized hire boats permitted on the Norfolk Broads?

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Re: Why Are So Many Oversized Hire Boats Permitted On The Norfolk Broads?

Post by David » May 14th, 2018, 7:01 am

Good point any boat over 35ft is ample in my opinion especially with the limited moorings available.
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