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Reedham Ferry

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Reedham Ferry

Post by Miles » February 3rd, 2019, 5:23 pm

Finally got to go on the chain ferry with a car.
Although it is such a small journey I really enjoyed it.
It's quite intimate.
£4.30 one way and I think it was £7 return.

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Re: Reedham Ferry

Post by David » February 3rd, 2019, 6:15 pm

It's about 45 years since I have been across Reedham ferry, my Dad used to come back to Toft Monks from Norwich that way sometimes for a change, I do believe it was a slightly different ferry then I think this one dates from the eighties.
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Re: Reedham Ferry

Post by JohnS » February 4th, 2019, 10:36 pm

I've tried the Ferry on a summers afternoon, for my return trip home. As well as a nice change I thought it might even knock a bit of my journey. How wrong was I. The queue was back 300 maters from the pub, and from joining the queue it took us more than a hour to get to the Ferry! Still, we got an ice cream whilst we waited. I too think everyone should have a go, but be warned give Sunday afternoons in the summer months a swerve :lol:

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