Damage That Fishing Does.

Is there a solution?

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Damage That Fishing Does.

Post by Miles » October 8th, 2017, 4:51 am

Personally, I see fishing as a blood sport. Anyone who tries to tell me that a fish does not suffer pain with a hook in its mouth, is wasting their time.
All life shares a common denominator, the will to survive. Without pain, no lifeforms could maintain survival.
If someone was to eat the fish they caught, then that would make sense.
However, I came across an Egyptian goose in a state of distress and no doubt agony. It had fishing line wrapped around its leg and could barely walk. It has been reported to welfare.
Fishing line also totally messes up cutlass bearings on boats.
Is it really necessary to have this dangerous plastic floating about the Broads causing so much distress to creatures?
I would like to see much more fishing licence checks even with the hire boats as this would at least diminish the negative effects of this blood sport.

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