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Mercury 7.5hp Outboard Wanted

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Mercury 7.5hp Outboard Wanted

Post by Miles » February 21st, 2019, 6:11 am

I have this retro outboard which primarily serves as an emergency backup to my sailing boat.
I am not desperate for parts as such but priced up a few replacements and spares the other day and nearly choked on fresh air.
I know the value of things and if I wanted to be an extra in Shawshank Redemption I would have auditioned.
You know when someone has you over a barrel and says touch your toes you have a purdy mouth...no way am I am paying those prices, it is a rip off! :roll:

So I am looking for one as spares to cannibalise.

If you have a knackered one up for grabs?...please contact me.
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