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The Nancy Oldfield Trust Offering Free Cruises For Poorly

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The Nancy Oldfield Trust Offering Free Cruises For Poorly

Post by Miles » October 14th, 2018, 2:34 pm

Now, a charity on The Broads is offering a day out on the water with free boating trips for cancer patients or those receiving palliative care.
Very familiar sight on the waterways of the north Broads and I do believe they have a few boats including an electric one.

I do wonder why more boating is not made available to all of society, as it seems to work such wonders with most other people.......bringing out the best in people and all that.

In fact, I would imagine some rehab clinics, or rather patients from such clinics could benefit. Several reasons for that really. Firstly, it is scenic, beautiful and relaxing...most of the time :roll: :lol: :roll:

Secondly, it is so cut off in places, that the isolation might help people to rid themselves of certain toxins that may be being abused. Just a thought but it can offer therapeutic benefits.

I gave up a thirty year addiction to tobacco on the Norfolk Broads and I was only able to do it for such reasons.

I went out on the boat for the best part of two weeks and got through the withdrawals....which any ex or current smoker would confirm sucks big time.

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Re: The Nancy Oldfield Trust Offering Free Cruises For Poorly

Post by Hylander » October 23rd, 2018, 1:01 pm

My other half as well gave up after puffing away since he was about 15. For the first three months I thought at any time I might murder him, but we got through it all and now has not smoked for 10 years. Still fancies a fag from time to time but gets the glare from me when he mentions it.
To give up is a major struggle. Wish my old Dad had managed it as he smoked all his life and in the end it took his life.

Well done Nancy Oldfield for this treat to be offered.

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