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Station Smokehouse - Hoveton

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Station Smokehouse - Hoveton

Post by Miles » October 30th, 2018, 8:37 pm

I tried to get a munch in this joint not so long ago but it appears booking might be advisable.

After reading this EDP ARTICLE now, I am glad I did not.

It reminds me of the Maltsters, Ranworth. Lovely pub and great location, however, I ordered a burger and it came served in a chicken roasting pan and the chips were in a galvanised paint kettle.

I complained to the waitress and compared it to like a dog eating out of its bowl, and her reply was that she could assure me that no chicken had been roasted in it. Thanks for the reassurance but that was not my point lol. :roll:

What is it about restaurateurs who think this is a quirky way to serve food? :roll:

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