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Bringing A Boat On Holiday On The Norfolk Broads?

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Bringing A Boat On Holiday On The Norfolk Broads?

Post by Miles » September 1st, 2018, 9:24 am

I met a chap in the summer who told me he was coming for a break on the Norfolk Broads for a week and was bringing a small boat on a trailer.
He wanted to know is what was needed.
I told him that to the best of my knowledge if it had batteries? It would need a BSC, visitor's tolls and third party insurance.
This was met with a facial expression of immediate disapproval, as he then pointed at a hire boat with a large inflatable dinghy on the back.
He asked, well where is the insurance and tolls on that?
I said that was a valid point as even inflatable kayaks need tolls etc.
However, with people fishing off the hire boats out of season, I suggested it was probably a case of cat and mouse with the Broads Authority, or they may turn a blind eye to it unless they see someone being towed behind.
He went on to say that in order to bring his boat up for a week would cost him a couple of hundred quid with a BSC as well and stated that it was cheaper probably to find a riverside property to rent that actually offered a dinghy to mess around in.
When you consider it in their perspective, it seems so unrealistic and unfair to even toll canoes, kayaks and inflatable dinghies as they are in the water on a transient basis and what damage will they do environmentally?
The point I am trying to raise here is the fees charged for such boats makes people think stuff that and go elsewhere.

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