North Walsham Canal

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North Walsham Canal

Post by High Seas » April 3rd, 2018, 9:08 am

Finally got to check out some of the old North Walsham Canal locks. One I believe is being restored which could be Bacton Lock. The others quite frankly are more like an archaeological site and that goes for the waterways too.
Such a shame as these sites are just so fascinating.
Much to my total surprise the big trading wherries actually used them which I thought was not the case.
In many cases you can still see the door ruins and mechanisms for flooding and draining the locks.
I can't see this waterway being fully restored in the near future but at the very east the sites could be approached with a view of improvement.
Definitely worth a visit if it's your sort of thing but you will need a car and a map and a pair of wellies.

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